Saturday, 20 July 2019

Link Wray Rumble FUZZ!

I like the huge fuzz, the way he grabs attention from the start and how the band works together.

The guitar is a '66/67 Japan Yamaha SG-2 twin single-coil he called, "Screaming Red".
He'd added an onboard distortion in case his valve amp wouldn’t distort.
His Boss Compression Sustainer pedal was on permanently, all knobs at 'max'.

Bass player Hutch Hutchinson, drummer David Weber, from John Cipollina's Copperhead.

Full Concert:

A red Yamaha SG-2.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Fender CD-60CE

This is my new acoustic guitar and my first Fender - a Fender CD-60CE.
I bought it from Damian at Rockstar Guitars.
With a laminated nato body and spruce top, it looks great and sounds great acoustic or plugged in.
Here it is:

Sunday, 10 March 2019

El Lissitzky

I had to do a poster for school so I decided to do an avant-garde design influenced by El Lissitzky.

The poster's message is, "Keep going! Never give up! Always try your best!", which applies to music - you have to practice!

Unlike one of my favourite composers, Shostakovitch, El Lissitzky didn't fall foul of Stalin - lucky for him!